Center for Applied Biomechanics
working for the benefit of society, our students, and the University of Virginia
Injury is the leading cause of death for all Americans under the age of 55. Advances in the field of injury biomechanics have resulted in improved automobile designs, occupant restraints, child restraints, helmet designs, and personal protective devices that have contributed to the reduction of injuries and saved countless lives.

The CAB has been conducting innovative biomechanical research as part of this effort since their founding in 1989 as the Automobile Safety Laboratory.  They are recognized as one of the leading research groups in the world within the area of  injury biomechanics and continue to make major contributions to the reduction of injuries and fatalities.

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The Center for Applied Biomechanics was featured in a recent article in the UVA's School of Engineering and Applied Science Magazine UNBOUND.  With the article, they produced a video that can be seen there or on the SEAS YouTube Channel