Varun Bollapragada

BollapragadaVarun Bollapragada
Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8036

Varun graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2008 and worked as a mechanical engineer performing the preventive maintenance of rotary equipment.  After slogging for 1.5 years in the petrochemical industry, he left the job to pursue an academic career by joining the Computational and Nano Engineering lab (CoNE) at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.  He worked on testing and benchmarking a finite element code based on hybrid formulation for the analysis of micro electro mechanical structures (MEMS).  He was interested in computational modeling and the University of Virginia provided him with an opportunity to delve into the field of Biomechanics.  He began his graduate research with multibody modeling of the pre-ballistic maneuvers of rollover crashes and how this would affect the vehicle and occupants response.  His current interests are mitigating fatalities and disability to pedestrians during automotive impacts.




  • BTech. in Mechanical Engineering – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati


Research Interests

  • Multibody modeling
  • Optimization and design of experiments
  • Experimental and computational biomechanics
  • Pedestrian safety



Selected Publications

  • Influence of Driving Attributes on the Risk of Rollover and the Touchdown Conditions of a Sedan in Case of Corrective Maneuvers, 2014, IRCOBI conference- Berlin.
  • Improvement of Lateral Shoulder Impact Response of a Multi-body7 Human Body Model, 2014, ICRASH conference –Malaysia
  • Effects of Types of Vehicles and Maneuvers on Vehicle Kinematics During Steering-Induced Soil-Trip Rollovers, 2013, ESV conference- Seoul
  • Static Elastic Simulation of Micromechanical Structures using Hybrid Finite Elements, 2012, International conference on smart materials structures and systems.


Other Interests

  • Music, Anime, Computer games and soccer.