Taewung Kim

Taewung KimTaewung Kim
Research Scientist
tk4j@virginia.edu | 434.297.8065

Dr. Kim is currently a research scientist at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics.  He has 10 years of experience in finite element analysis using ABAQUS and LS-DYNA software and 8 years of experience in multi-body modeling using MADYMO and ADAMS software.  Using finite element modeling, he has performed on biofidelity evaluation of GHBMC model focusing on the lateral impact, hyper viscoelasticity modeling and crack propagation analysis for the durability of tires. Using multi-body modeling, he has performed on pedestrian human body modeling, restraint system modeling, vehicle dynamics modeling, soil tripped rollover simulation with electronic stability control.  For the model validation, he is fluent in optimization techniques, design of experiment, and Monte Carlo analysis.  In addition, he has component level and whole body level cadaveric and dummy test experience.




  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering – Sogang University, South Korea


Research Interests

  • Multibody Human Body Modeling
  • Finite Element Human Body Modeling
  • Pedestrian Impact Protection
  • Occupant Protection
  • Crash prediction



  •  International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • Korea Society of Automotive Engineers (KSAE)
Selected Publications

  • A Novel Algorithm for Crash Detection Under General Road Scenes Using Crash Probabilities and an Interactive Multiple Model Particle Filter. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. 2014; 15(6): 2480-2490.
  • The Contribution of Pre-impact Spine Posture on Human Body Model Response in Whole-Body Side Impact. Stapp Car Crash Journal. 2014; 59: 385-422
  • Evaluation of methods for the development of representative responses and corridors from biomechanical data using mechanical models. International Journal of Crashworthiness. 2013; 18(6): 633-646. DOI: 10.1080/13588265.2013.830946
  • Crash Probability and Error Rates for Head-On Collisions Based on Stochastic Analyses, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. 2010; 11(4): 896-904.
  • Stochastic Analysis on Variation in Injury Numbers at Automobile Frontal Crash Tests, International Journal of Automotive Technology. 2010; 11(4): 481-488.