Rachel Richardson

Rachel Richardson
Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student
rer5xu@virginia.edu | 434.297.8008

Rachel Richardson is a PhD Student at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics. While pursuing her undergraduate studies in biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia, her interests gravitated towards the research at the CAB. She decided to stay as a graduate student immediately following her undergraduate degree and pursue research in the field of automotive safety. Through her time at the CAB, her research has focused on kinematics of automotive occupants seated out-of-position, occupant-based and environmental effects that can influence injuries in automotive crashes, and the biofidelity of both ATDs and HBMs in out-of-position crash scenarios. Rachel hopes to focus on alternative occupant postures in autonomous vehicle environments through both experimental and computational testing for her dissertation.



  • BS, Biomedical Engineering – University of Virginia

Research Interests

  • Injury Biomechanics
  • Automotive Safety
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Other Interests

  • Power lifting, Yoga, Hiking, Pizza, Piano, Singing
Affiliations & Awards

  • University of Virginia Rodman Scholar, 2015
  • University of Virginia Beckman Scholar Finalist, 2015
  • Member – Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Member – Society of Women Engineers

Selected Publications

  • Richardson, et al. (2017) Field Data Analysis of Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV) Crashes, Accident Analysis & Prevention Elsevier Journal