Kyvory A. Henderson

HendersonKyvory A. Henderson
Engineering Associate | 434.297.8002

Kyvory Henderson has always had an interest in biological and engineering systems. He has pursued these interests through research in sustainable energy and currently through biomechanics research. Kyvory obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Studies, with a focus on bioengineering and mechanical engineering from Lafayette College. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree from the University of Virginia in Project Management. Soon after graduating in 2012 Kyvory joined the Center for Applied Biomechanics (CAB) as a Research Assistant. In 2013 Kyvory joined the CAB research staff as a Test Engineer. While at the CAB Kyvory has worked on, or managed, projects pertaining to naval ejection seats, under body blast, brain cavitation, and skull transmissibility to name a few. Currently Kyvory is working on developing a versatile anthropometric test device for the United States Army. He hopes to continue research that will lead to safer and better equipped soldiers in the field. Kyvory was born in Bavaria, Germany but grew up in Glen Burnie, Maryland and currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.




  • BA Engineering Studies (Bio/Mechanical Engineering) – Lafayette College


Research Interests

  • High Rate Loading
  • Sensor Development
  • Test Fixture Design
  • 3-D Modeling



  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Selected Publications

  • Optimization of Combat Boot Properties to Mitigate Underbody Blast Injuries to the Lower Limb. IRCOBI Conference. 2014.
  • Biomechanical Response of the Lower Leg under High Rate Loading. IRCOBI Conference. 2013.
  • Response of Human Skull Bone to Dynamic Compressive Loading. IRCOBI Conference. 2013.
  • Comparison of Hybrid-III and PMHS Response to Simulated Underbody Blast Loading Conditions. IRCOBI Conference. 2014.


Other Interests

  • Outdoors, Sports, Reading, Biomimicry