John Paul Donlon

DonlonJohn Paul Donlon
Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student | 434.297.8067

John Paul abruptly changed from pursuing a music degree to studying engineering, although he had no previous exposure to the field. While working at the CAB over the summer of 2012, John Paul fell in love with biomechanical engineering, and especially with research for injury prevention. A Charlottesville almost-native, John Paul was actively involved in research and the peer reviewed publication process at the CAB, at first while he was completing his undergraduate degree, now as a full-time Masters student at UVA.





  • BS, Mechanical Engineering – University of Virginia


Research Interests

  • Automotive/Sports Injury Prevention
  • Data Analysis/Visualization
  • Physical/Computational Injury Simulation



Selected Publications

  • Understanding how pre-impact posture can affect injury outcome in side impact sled tests using a new tool for visualization of cadaver kinematics. Journal of Biomechanics. 2015; 48:529-533.
  • A Computational Biomechanical Analysis to Assess the Trade-off Between Chest Deflection and Spine Translation in Side Impact. Traffic Injury Prevention. 2014; 15(Suppl 1): S231-S237.
  • Assessment of GHBMC shoulder biofidelity in lateral shoulder impact condition using PMHS response. Proceedings of the International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Impact (IRCOBI), Berlin, Germany. 2014.
  • The Contribution of Pre-impact Spine Posture on Human Body Model Response in Whole-body Side Impact. Stapp Car Crash Journal. 2014; 58: 385-422.


Other Interests

  • Classical Piano, Gregorian Chant