Jacek Toczyski

ToczyskiJacek Toczyski
Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student
jt6dt@virginia.edu | 434.297.8069

Jacek is a PhD student at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics. He graduated with the M.Sc. degree from the Warsaw University of Technology. His research there was focused on blast mitigation for aircraft structures. At that time, Jacek was also involved in a European Union project with the goal of developing a computational model of the thorax. Throughout the project he worked in conjunction with CAB and after a while he joined the Center for a 6-month scholarship. During his stay here, he realized that CAB is a place for him and one year later he came back as a PhD student. In his graduate research, Jacek will focus mainly on injury mitigation in rollover crashes and rigid-body dynamics with the use of Inertial Measurement Units.





  • MS, Mechanical Engineering – Warsaw University of Technology
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering – Warsaw University of Technology


Research Interests

  • Crashworthiness of vehicles
  • Occupant safety in rollover crashes
  • Blast and shock phenomena
  • Computational modeling


Other Interests

  • Music (including playing musical instruments), books, hiking


Selected Publications

  • Dynamic Validation of Rollover Buck Roof Structure. 24th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles. 2015
  • Design of a Deformable Vehicle Roof Structure for Rollover Crash Testing with a Test Buck. 23rd International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles. 2013
  • Variation in the Human ribs geometrical properties and mechanical response based on X-ray computed tomography images resolution. JMBBM. 2015
  • Axial Compression Injury Tolerance of the Cervical Spine: Initial Results. AAAM conference. 2014
  • Occupant Kinematics in Laboratory Rollover Tests: ATD Response and Biofidelity. 58th Stapp Conference. 2014