Huipeng Chen

ChenHuipeng Chen
Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student

Huipeng was a PhD student at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics. His research focused on pedestrian impact simulation using finite element models. Huipeng obtained his BS and MS degrees in Automobile engineering at the University of Wuhan Technology and the Hunan University, respectively. His research during his MS degree focused on the protection of occupant lower extremities using Multi-Body simulation. Then he worked for the China Automotive Technology Research Center in the Department of Traffic Safety Research. He was an investigator for the development of Chinese regulations regarding pedestrian protection, and finally he lead a group of more than 20 employees in the accident investigation CIDAS project. He was also engaged in some administration work in the Chinese automobile industry. He joined the CAB in September 2012.

Huipeng graduated from UVa in April 2017 after defending his PhD dissertation entitled “Evaluating Pedestrian Head Sub-system Test Procedure against Full-scale Vehicle-pedestrian Impact Using Numerical Models.”



  • PhD – University of Virginia, Mechanical Engineering (2017)
  • MS – Hunan University, Automobile Engineering (2006)
  • BS – Wuhan University of Technology, Automobile Engineering (2001)


Research Interests

  • Pedestrian safety
  • Computational modeling / Finite Element and Multi-Body
  • Accident analysis




Selected Publications

  • Improvement of Lateral Shoulder Impact Response of a Multi-body Human Model. Proceeding of International Crashworthiness Conference 2014, Sarawrk, Malaysia.
  • Comparison of injuries sustained by drivers and pillion passengers in fatal head-on motorcycle collision accidents. Forensic Science International. (2010)
  • Investigation of 184 passenger car-pedestrian accidents, International Journal of Crashworthiness, 15: 3, 313 – 320. (2010)
  • A comparative study between China and IHRA for the vehicle-pedestrian impact, SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars-Mechanical Systems 2, 2009, pp. 1108–1115.
  • Driver Lower extremity injury prevention during car frontal impacts. Auto Standardization, 2009.9, pp:7-12.


Other Interests

  • Soccer, Go, Table tennis, Swimming