Brandon Perry

PerryBrandon Perry
Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student | 434.297.8034

Brandon Perry earned a BS in Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) in December of 2012.  While studying at UNL, Brandon had the opportunity to combine his passion for anatomy, physiology, and engineering at the University of Nebraska’s Trauma Mechanics Laboratory as an Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA).  As a URA, Brandon had the opportunity to work with the world’s largest shock tube – at that time – to study shockwave physics and interactions with the human body.  In January 2013, Brandon relocated to Charlottesville as a Master’s student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering to study underbody blast (UBB).





  • BS in Biological Systems Engineering, Minor in Biomedical Engineering , University of Nebraska – Lincoln


Research Interests

  • Blast effects on mounted and unmounted warfighters
  • Lower extremity and pelvic injury
  • Shockwave physics


Other Interests

  • Hunting, Fishing, Hiking

Selected Publications

  • Blunt impacts to the back: biomechanical response for model development. Submitted to the 2014 MHSRS Supplement to the Journal of Trauma.
  • Injury Tolerance of the wrist and distal forearm to impact loading onto outstretched hands. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  2014; 77(3 Suppl 2): 176-183.
  • Lower leg characterization and injury mitigation. Proceedings of the International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Impact,
  • Mitigation of Underbody Blast Injuries to the Lower Extremity by Optimization of Combat Boot Properties. Proceedings of the Injury Biomechanics Symposium,
  • Optimization of Combat Boot Properties to Mitigate Underbody Blast Injuries to the Lower Extremity. Proceedings of the Personal Armor Systems Symposium,