Ann Marie Bailey

BaileyAnn Marie Bailey
Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student

Ann Bailey was a PhD student at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics. Her research focuses included PMHS response to underbody blast loading and lower extremity injuries due to high rate axial loading. Research goals included improving existing ATD lower extremities and associated injury criteria for use in high-rate applications.

Ann graduated from UVa in November 2016 after defending her PhD dissertation entitled “Injury Assessment for the Human Leg Exposed to Axial Impact Loading.”





  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia


Research Interests

  • Military Underbody Blast Biomechanics
  • Lower Extremity Injury



  • 2013 Murray Mackay Young Researcher Award at IRCOBI Conference


Selected Publications

  • Post Mortem Human Surrogate Injury Response to Simulated Underbody Blast, Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 2014.
  • Lower Leg Injury Biomechanics, Accidental Injury—Biomechanics and Prevention. 2015; 3rd
  • Injury Potential of Shock Induced Compressive Waves on Human Bone, Dynamic Behavior of Materials. 2013; 1: 149-156.
  • Development of a Transfer Function for Interpreting Hybrid-III Lower Leg Data from Axial Loading, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Biomechanics of Impact. 2014.
  • Injuries Caused by Brake Pedal Loading of the Midfoot, Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation. 2012; 48: 134-140.


Other Interests

  • Tennis, Volleyball, Piano