Ali Forghani

ForghaniAli Forghani
Research Specialist | 434.297.8053

Dr. Forghani joined the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics in 2014 and has worked in the field of injury biomechanics. Specific research topics include the development and biofidelity assessment of anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs) and execution of full-scale impact biomechanics experiments with ATD and PMHS in simulated automobile collisions with pedestrians. Prior to joining UVA, he worked as research assistant and sessional instructor in the field of biomechanics at Simon Fraser University and later at McGill University in Canada. His primary research topic focused on neuromuscular control of human balance and movement. In specific, he investigated the active and passive postural response of the standing human to the force perturbations applied to the arm in order to further understand how balance and arm movement are coordinated in activities of daily living. Currently, the human surrogates used in the field of injury biomechanics are mainly passive and lack active muscular control. Dr. Forghani hopes to improve the biofidelity of existing models by adding active neuromuscular control and intrinsic properties of the skeletal muscles to them.




  • PhD  in Biomechanics – McGill University, Canada
  • ME  in Biomedical Engineering – McGill University, Canada
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering – Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering – Sharif University of Technology, Iran



Research Interests/Areas

  • Mechanisms, prediction, and prevention of pedestrian injuries from collisions with automobiles.
  • Anthropomorphic test devices development and biofidelity assessment.
  • Neuromuscular control of human balance and posture in response to force perturbations applied to the arm.
  • Modeling intrinsic properties of musculoskeletal systems


Other Interests

  • Outdoors, Travel, Tennis