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    The CAB employs exceptional personnel that apply generative, state-of-the-art methods and procedures for the successful operation of multiple large-scale research projects. We originate from a diverse set of nationalities and technical backgrounds including mechanical, biomedical, electrical, and civil engineering, epidemiology and biostatistics, orthopedic and emergency medicine, as well as radiology and pathology. The CAB staff is composed of more than 50 individuals including University faculty members, PhD-level professional researchers, data acquisition experts, anatomy and cadaveric materials specialists, instrumentation technicians, graduate students and support staff.

    CAB researchers continue to help shape the direction of injury biomechanics and automobile safety through their involvement and leadership in several international organizations and in the development of high standards and practices.


  • Jeff CrandallJeff R. Crandall, PhD
    Nancy and Neal Wade Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
    Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Emergency Medicine
    Director, Center for Applied Biomechanics | 434.297.8031

    Research Interests: Injury biomechanics – automobile, sports, and military applications, occupant restraint performance and optimization, pedestrian injury and countermeasure evaluations, experimental design and development of advanced dummies (frontal, side, pedestrian), injury biomechanics of head, chest, abdomen, and lower limb, real-world investigation of crashes and injury mechanisms, and the characterization of biological materials and structures.

    Richard-Kent-tnRichard Kent, PhD
    Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Emergency Medicine 
    Deputy Director, Center for Applied Biomechanics | 434.297.8033

    Research Interests/Areas: Restraint performance, automobile safety system design, occupant kinematics and injury mechanisms in automobile crashes, experimental design and development of test and analysis methods, injury biomechanics, sports-related injury risk/performance trade-offs, and characterization of biological materials and structures.

    Mark SochorMark R. Sochor, MD, MS
    Vice Chair for Research Department of Emergency Medicine
    Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Emergency Medicine
    Medical Director, Center for Applied Biomechanics | 434.297.8039

    Research Interests: Injury biomechanics – Head, C-Spine, chest, abdomen and pelvis and extremities, occupant kinematics, pedestrian injury, experimental embalming techniques (soft embalming for medical and surgical education), post-mortem human subject training techniques for life saving procedures, anatomical injury scaling, real-world investigation of crashes and injury mechanisms, characterization of biological materials and structures, and impact biomechanics for surgical training.

    Matt-PanzerMatthew B. Panzer, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering | 434.297.8062

    Research Interests: Computational mechanics (finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics), impact and injury biomechanics, traumatic brain injury, dynamic material characterization and constitutive model development, development and simulation of human body models for injury assessment, development and optimization of anthropomorphic test devices (dummies), shock wave and blast dynamics, shock tube and blast experimental design, and personal protective equipment evaluation and design.

    Jason-KerriganJason R. Kerrigan, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Principal Investigator | 434.297.8049

    Research Interests: Injury biomechanics – automobile, aerospace, and orthopedic applications; automotive safety – structural crashworthiness, occupant protection and restraint system optimization; constitutive modeling of biological tissues – experimental and computational techniques; human body modeling – active musculature and tensed response; active/passive integration – adaptive restraints; motorsports – recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); rollover crashes – testing methods, surrogate biofidelity, vehicle crashworthiness, injury mechanisms; and pedestrian protection – injury countermeasures, vehicle design for pedestrian safety, crash avoidance.

    Thomas HartkaThomas Hartka, MD, MS
    Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Virginia Health System
    Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Emergency Medicine | 434.297.8061

    Research Interests: Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) – Multi-center research program involving a collaboration of clinicians and engineers in academia, industry and government. CIREN’s mission is to improve the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of motor vehicle crash injuries to reduce deaths, disabilities, and human and economic costs.

  • Jason-FormanJason Forman, PhD
    Principal Scientist | 434.297.8051

    Research Interests: Injury biomechanics, injury risk prediction, automobile restraint design and evaluation, human body modelling (physical and computational), pedestrian safety, orthopedic training simulator development.

    Robert SalzarRobert S. Salzar, PhD
    Principal Scientist | 434.297.8035

    Research Interests: Thoracic characterization, pelvic characterization, high-rate vertical loadings to mounted warfighters, and physiological sensor development.

    Greg ShawGreg Shaw, PhD
    Senior Scientist | 434.297.8030

    Research Interests: Passenger car safety, chest injury, and human and dummy impact testing.

    Timothy L. McMurryTimothy L. McMurry, PhD
    Assistant Professor | 434.924.8586

    Research Interests: Statistics of biomechanical injury, surgical outcomes, acute stroke care, biostatistics and statistical Methodology.

    Bronislaw Gepner, PhDBronislaw Gepner
    Research Scientist | 434.297.8046

    Research Interests: Computational/finite element modeling, vehicle safety and crashworthiness, occupant safety, and human body modeling.

    David LessleyDavid J. Lessley, PhD, PE
    Research Scientist

    Research Interests: Automobile safety system design and assessment, occupant kinematics and injury mechanisms in automobile crashes, characterizing the mechanical response of biological materials and structures, kinematic analysis of skeletal structures under dynamic loading, occupant motion in rollover crashes, and spinal kinematics.

    E. Meade SpratleyE. Meade Spratley, PhD
    Research Scientist | 434.297.8041

    Research Interests: Blast biomechanics, warfighter vehicle occupant safety, lower extremity trauma biomechanics, and pelvis injury classification and prediction.

    James-FunkJames R. Funk, PhD, PE
    Laboratory and Research Specialist

    Research Interests:  Head injury/concussion, rollover crashes/ejection, lower extremity injuries, and accident reconstruction.

  • Miller---tnTed Miller
    Management & Professional, Operations Manager | 434.297.8043
    Montesinos---tnSalvador Montesinos Acosta
    Automotive Restraint Design and Testing Engineer | 434.297.8047
    Foltz---tnPatrick Foltz
    Mechanical Engineering Technician, Test Engineer | 434.297.8025

    Henderson---tnKyvory A. Henderson
    Engineering Associate | 434.297.8002
    Kevin Kopp
    Data Acquisition and Sensors Specialist | 434.297.8083
    McCardell---tnMark McCardell
    Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer 4, Computer Systems Engineer | 434.297.8023
    Overby---tnBrian E. Overby
    Research Engineer | 434.297.8018
    Rawska---tnKatarzyna Rawska
    Research Specialist | 434.297.8010
    Stephanie Shifflett
    Senior Fiscal Technician | 434.297.8024
    Sara (Heltzel) Sochor
    Anatomical Donations Coordinator | 434.297.8059

  • Alshareef---tnAhmed Alshareef
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8020

    Research Interests: Traumatic brain injury (TBI), blast neurotrauma, head and neck sports injuries, and computational/finite element modeling.

    Ash---tnJoseph H. Ash
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8038

    Research Interests: Injury biomechanics, automotive safety, injury investigation and mitigation, frontal and oblique crash simulation, and ATD assessment and development.

    Bollapragada---tnVarun Bollapragada
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8036

    Research Interests: Multibody modeling, optimization and design of experiments, experimental and computational biomechanics, pedestrian safety.

    John Paul Donlon
    Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student | 434.297.8067

    Research Interests:  Automotive/sports injury prevention, data analysis/visualization, physical/computational injury simulation.

    Gabler---tnLee Gabler
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8064

    Research Interests: Biomechanics of brain injury, biomechanics of lower extremity injury, constitutive modeling, and human body finite element modeling.

    Jean Sebastian Giudice Vilar
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8028

    Research Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), lower extremity biomechanics, human body modelling, finite element analysis, and sports injury.

    Joodaki---tnHamed Joodaki
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8048

    Research Interests: Multibody and finite element modeling, soft tissue biomechanics, and automotive safety.

    Kevin Kong
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8052

    Research Interests: Dynamic Material Characterization and Constitutive Modeling, Computational/Finite Element Modeling, and soft tissue biomechanics.

    Hongnan Lin
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8079

    Research Interests: Computational/Finite Element Modelling, occupant safety in automated vehicles, and human body modelling

    Sayak Mukherjee
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8042

    Research Interests: Automotive safety, Finite Element Method, and human body modelling.

    Ryan Neice
    Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student | 434.297.8053

    Research Interests: Experimental and computational mechanics, military underbody blast biomechanics, injury prediction, and human body modeling.

    Perez-Rapela---tnDaniel Perez-Rapela
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8070

    Research Interests: Motorsports, occupant safety, pedestrian protection, finite element modeling, crashworthiness, and military underbody blast biomechanics.

    Brandon Perry
    Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student | 434.297.8034

    Research Interests: Blast effects on mounted and unmounted warfighters, lower extremity and pelvic injury, and shockwave physics.

    Rachel Richardson
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8008

    Research Interests: Injury Biomechanics, automotive safety, clinical orthopedics, and data analysis/simulation.

    Roberts---tnCarolyn Roberts
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8026

    Research Interests: Occupant safety in rollover crashes and cervical spine injuries.

    Watson Spivey
    Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student | 434.297.8015

    Research Interests: Robotics, injury prevention, and occupant safety.

    Zhaonan Sun
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8084

    Research Interests: Occupant protection, computational modelling, material characterization, and orthopedic biomechanics.

    Toczyski---tnJacek Toczyski
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8069

    Research Interests: Computational/finite element modeling, vehicle safety and crashworthiness, occupant safety, and human body modeling.

    Wu---tnTaotao Wu
    Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student | 434.297.8009

    Research Interests: Biomechanical impact response and injury tolerances, scaling method, automobile safety, and computational modeling.

  • Current Visitors & Scholars
    carlos_arregui---tnCarlos Arregui-Dalmases
    Visiting Assistant Professor, UVa
    Associate professor, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya–Barcelona Tech, Barcelona, Spain
    Crash Test Engineer, Volkswagen Group, SEAT, Spain
    Former Visitors & Scholars
    Jastrzebski---tnDominik Jastrzebski
    Visiting Scholar

    Dominik was visiting the lab from June of 2015 to November of 2015. During his stay at CAB he was working on morphing procedure for the thorax of the THUMS model.

    Xiao---tnSen Xiao
    Visiting Scholar

    Sen was visiting the lab from September of 2013 to September of 2015. During his stay at CAB Sen was working on biomechanical injury research, especially the chest injury in Gold standard frontal impact.

  • Former PhD Students
    Chen---tnHuipeng Chen

    Huipeng graduated from UVa in April 2017 after defending his PhD dissertation entitled “Evaluating Pedestrian Head Sub-system Test Procedure against Full-scale Vehicle-pedestrian Impact Using Numerical Models.”

    Park-tnGwansik Park

    Gwansik graduated from UVa in April 2017 after defending his PhD dissertation entitled “Injury Risk Functions Based on Responses of Population-Based Finite Element Models: Application to Femurs Under Dynamic Loading.”

    Bailey---tnAnn Marie Bailey

    Ann graduated from UVa in November 2016 after defending her PhD dissertation entitled “Injury Assessment for the Human Leg Exposed to Axial Impact Loading.”

    Boruah---tnSourabh Boruah

    Sourabh graduated from UVa in October 2016 after defending his PhD dissertation entitled “A Viscoelastic Model for High Strain Rate Loading of the Human Calvarium.”

    FLV---tnFrancisco J. Lopez-Valdes

    Fran graduated from UVa in May 2013 after defending his PhD dissertation entitled “Mechanics of the Pediatric Thoracic Spine and its Role in the Kinematics of the Head in Automotive Frontal Impacts.”

    Former Masters Students
    Mait---tnAlexander Mait

    Alexander graduated from UVa in July 2017 after defending his Master’s thesis entitled “Syndesmotic Ankle Sprains in Large Males.”

    Jake ChristopherJake Christopher

    Jake Christopher completed a Master’s of Science degree from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 2016 (Master’s thesis link), with a focus in military biomechanics. After receiving his Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UVA, Jake joined the Center for Applied Biomechanics in 2011. Jake was heavily involved in the CAB’s early research of the effects of high-rate underbody blast on military vehicle occupants, with an expertise and focus on injuries to the pelvis. Jake is currently employed by Leidos, and is assigned to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.

    Mane---tnAdwait Mane

    Adwait graduated from UVa in June 2016 after defending his Master’s thesis entitled “Representing Sub-failure Quasi-static Ligament Mechanics and Bone Kinematics in a Human Ankle Finite Element Model.”

    Ye---tnXin Ye

    Xin graduated from UVa in August 2015 after defending his Master’s thesis entitled “Driver Lower Extremity Response and Injury with Knee Airbag Deployment.”